Postoperative Instructions

Post-Op Instructions

1. The most common complication following oral surgery is nausea which occurs from taking medication on an empty stomach. Soft foods such as milk shakes, soup, eggs, yogurt, etc. should be taken before all prescribed medication. Drinking from a straw is permitted.

2. Pain and swelling can gradually increase for the first four days after oral surgery. Apply ice to the jaw for 20 minutes intervals as often as possible for the first 48 hours and take the medications as prescribed.

3. Slight fever elevations are common for the first several days postoperatively, usually from inadequate fluid intake. Fever from a wound infection takes 6 to 7 days to begin after surgery.

4. A certain amount of bleeding is to be expected for the first 24 to 48 hours. To help control bleeding, place a moist tea bag or a piece of gauze over the area and bite down 15 minutes. The teeth should be touching, because pressure is necessary to stop bleeding. Repeat three times and if profuse bleeding remains, call our office.

5. No special rinsing such as salt water or peroxide is necessary and these do nothing to help in wound healing.

6. Diet, exercise and toothbrushing are all self limiting. You can eat hard foods, brush your teeth and begin exercising when you feel up to it.

7. Sore throat and difficulty opening the jaw are normal occurrences and will resolve with time.

8. In spite of sutures, there will be a cavity where the tooth was removed. This cavity will gradually fill in with new tissue over the next month.

9. Return to our office if a post operative appointment is scheduled; however, please call immediately should any problems arise.